bingo pinball and bally em slot videos

With a decent computer, a bit of software, and a video camera anyone can make a video and distribute it on dvd - or youtube, vimeo, metacafe, or brick-n-mortar stores that supply unmarked opaque bags for the discreet transport of the contents.

This site is for helping people who attempt making dvds (of certain subjects) to siphon loot from your wallet to theirs without spending any effort to do ecommerce properly.

Note none of these videos are made by me (the guy who runs this site or I'm just listing them here for you to find, and I get no compensation if you buy anything.

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new The gerlitz video on the control unit has an error for the locked position of the search wipers on OK games. 1/9/18
new bingo repair videos - By Richard Gerlitz 8/22/11
new Bally EM Slot Service Guide - By Alan Marriage 5/18/10

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