bingo pinball and bally em slot videos

Bally Bingo Service Guide
Producer Alan Marriage
Length 2 hours
Price (includes shipping) $20 ($30 for vol 1+2)
Current Version Release Date 07/26/05


This is the first video produced about bingo machine maintenance that I know about, and it comes from a guy who got a bit of his knowledge from a long time bingo operator (and designer of Bally EM slot machines).

The video is targeted at people who own a working machine and want to keep it that way. Some of the topics covered are:

  1. lubrication
  2. unit identification and location
  3. cleaning/adjusting/testing switches and stepper units
  4. changing lamps (including magic screen number lamps!)
  5. The ever popular search index unit adjustment

The nice thing is that much of the information also applies to getting a game working to begin with, so if you are staring at a warehouse game that hasn't been powered on in 20 years, the video will help for that also.

What it's not

This is not an game overhaul/rebuild video. While Alan shows removal of the search wipers, taking apart the control unit or mixer shaft assemblies is beyond the scope of the material. Likewise, this is not a debugging video. If you are trying to solve a specific problem, you're not going to get a direct answer.

The other thing it's not is HDTV. Since the resolution is fairly low, it will look a lot better on a television than it will on a computer. Here's a few screen shots:


I think it's a great effort for the first bingo video. There's some things it doesn't talk about like removing the backglass or raising the playfield. Are things like that needed?

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