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Bingo Repair Videos
Producer Richard Gerlitz
Web Site
Length 11 total volumes via WMV file download. Over 5 hours of instruction and advice. A free download of the top 10 bingo problems is available as a sample.
Price Around $40. If you don't see an ebay listing under bingo pinball repair videos, Contact Jeff for current availability
Current Version Release Date 2011

Richard is no longer shipping physical dvd's. Instead, the purchaser will get links to download the videos in WMV (windows media viewer) format. WMV files can be played on most computers. Freeware programs can covert them to other formats, including creation of DVD's for stand-alone players that don't support direct play of the wmv format.

Errors on the videos

The locked position of the search wipers on OK games cannot be at position 1 as shown in the video. If you put the wipers there, you will get activation of the search index coil and possibly the sequence unit step up coil with certain positions in the six number green section. This can happen when the screen moves or is exposing the section.

The correct locked location for the search wipers on OK games is on/between positions 2 and 3. Doesn't matter where in that range as rivets at positions 2 and 3 aren't connected to anything. Typically the wiper contacts locked are between rivets.

(Some details stolen from an old ebay listing)

Hi, my name is Richard Gerlitz

I have been repairing and restoring Bally Bingo Pinball's for over 20 years. In this time, I have repaired or restored over 1,500 games. Covering all models that Bally ever made from 1950 to 1962.

During that time I had seen just about everything that could wrong with these games. I have a thorough understanding of the theory of operation, lubrication and all adjustments. So out of the encouragement of many collectors, I have finally compiled all this knowledge into a set of downloadable WMV files to allow you to get your game running, and keep it running. Finally, an all in one Bingo Repair Guide!

High Quality Video Close-Ups!

Explanation of Volumes

Volume 1 - Bally Main Course - 29 Minutes

  • Nature of Game
  • Theory of Operation
  • Component Identification & Explanation
  • Common Adjustments & Trouble Spots
  • General Lubrication- Playfields & Shutters
  • Ball Return & Mechanisms
  • Trough Switches
  • Front Door Adjustments

Volume 2 - Points & Relays - 28 Minutes

  • Simple 1 Switch Circuit
  • Switch Blades
  • Switch Stacks
  • NC-NO-SPDT Switches Explained
  • Adjusting & Cleaning Points
  • Relay Types Explained
  • Repairs & Trouble Spots

Volume 3 - Solenoids & Steppers - 24 Minutes

  • Operation Explained
  • Replacing Coils & Coil Stops
  • Steppers Explained
  • Disassembling & Cleaning
  • Disc & Finger Alignment
  • Spring Adjustments
  • Wiper Tension
  • Early & Late Designs

Volume 4 - Control Unit - 36 Minutes

  • Component Identification &Explanation
  • Lubrication- Leather Clutches
  • Drag Arm Switches
  • Control Cams
  • Replay Cams
  • Search Index
  • Search Disc
  • Critical Adjustments

Volume 5 - Mixer & Spotting Unit - 23 Minutes

  • Pulse Switches
  • Mixers- Mixer Latch Assembly's
  • Mixer Latch Coil & Stop- Spotting Disc
  • Clutches
  • Critical Score Extra Step Adjustments

Volume 6 - Ball Lifter & Shutter Motors - 6 Minutes

  • Stuck Armatures
  • Stripped Gears
  • Linkage Adjustments
  • Early & Later Designs

Volume 7 - Replay Counter & Reflex Units - 8 Minutes

  • Explanation of Operations
  • How to Adjust
  • Damage from Operators

Volume 8 - Feature Units - 40 Minutes

  • Game Features Explained
  • Select a Lit Number
  • Odd or Even- Magic Pockets
  • Bump Feature
  • Magic Lines
  • Turning Corners
  • Chain Game Magic Lines
  • Screen Games

Volume 9 - Short Circuits - 21 Minutes

  • General Overview of Short Circuits
  • Location of Common Causes of Shorts
  • Circuit Interrupters to Locate Short
  • Circuit Isolation to Diagnose
  • Tracing on Schematic
  • Manual Operation of Game
  • Photo's/Tips Etc...

Volume 10 - Serious Problems - 47 Minutes

  • Burned Field Windings
  • Broken Plug Pins
  • Broken Plug Receiver
  • Binding Magic Screen
  • Stripped Magic Screen Motor
  • Burned or Chewed Wiring
  • Damaged Light Sockets
  • Broken Search Wiper Hub
  • Worn Cams
  • Burned Wiper Disc
  • Broken Wire in Harness
  • Burned Trip Bank Coil
  • Broken Wiper Blade

Volume 11 - Manual & Schematic - 43 Minutes

  • Wire Color Codes
  • Symbols- Schematic Location Codes
  • Pictorial Views Explained
  • Locating Components
  • Light Circuits
  • Motor Circuits
  • 50 Volt Coil & Replay Circuits
  • Payout Circuits
  • Practice Troubleshooting

I have put hundreds of hours compiling this information into a video format, and I'm so sure you will be pleased with these videos, that I offer a No Risk Money Back Guarantee!
If you are not 100% pleased with your purchase after viewing it for 30 days, send an email expressing your disatisfaction and your payment will be refunded.

You can use the button below to send an email to the producer asking how to purchase the videos if you don't see them on ebay when searching for bingo pinball repair videos.


JL-Tt4ballybingos says:

This is a great series of videos and is a 'must see' for all those Bally Bingo addicts who want to own and be able to service and repair their machine. Richard explains everything clearly, succinctly and at length and of course, anything that's slightly complicated can be reviewed again and again until it makes sense.

Richard covers all of the various games and anyone with a modicum of intelligence will find this an extremely useful tool.

Highly recommended *****

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